Scott Schultze, Owner of Tellurian Gardens, is a landscape designer with more than 13 years of experience. Scott earned his degree in Landscape Design from the University of Nebraska in 2005 and has had his hands in the dirt ever since. After working as a seasonal landscaper in Nebraska post-graduation, Scott moved to Oregon in 2009 and founded Tellurian Gardens. In his spare time, he can be found hiking, traveling the world, and enjoying life.

At Tellurian Gardens, the landscape is the connection between people and place.  When you make the decision to move forward with a landscape renovation, it is important that the company you choose understands this connection.  This understanding is not just simply putting a wall there or a patio here, it is the philosophy of why you are putting a wall there and the patio here.  This is the backbone of a functional landscape, it is the the connection between people and place.

Tellurian Gardens is a small company located in southeast Portland that started in 2009 during the recession.  Six years later, we have proven ourselves with hard work and determination.  Our hard work and dedication to our customers has helped us to grow our clientele and build lasting relationships.

Tellurian Gardens is a full-scale landscape company providing all aspects of installation.  With our team’s combined 25 years of landscape experience, we are experts at installing projects of varying size and complexity.   Our clients are our number one priority, and communication is the cornerstone of our design, installation and maintenance process. In the end, you are not just a client, you are a friend.